About us

CIO Platform Nederland is the independent community of persons with overall responsibility for digitalisation and/or ICT for private and public organisations in the Netherlands.


Our contribution

Besides the defined themes, the CIO Platform Nederland also aims at social subjects concerning issues in ICT managementricht, governance, education and innovation. In this issues, we contribute in an active way to embed the role of ICT in a broader social framework.

Broad social role of IT

CIO Platform Nederland represents its members in contacts with academic and educational institutions, vendors and their representatives and at government level in the Netherlands and internationally. In these contacts, we share knowledge and ideas and take up positions on specific issues on behalf of the members, taking the perspective of large IT users in the Netherlands. The outside world may expect this positioning from a club as CIO Platform Nederland.

This interaction with the organisational environment also helps members to develop the CIO profession, and "put IT on the map". In addition to supporting the CIO's the development of the own professional workforce remains high on our agenda. To this end, we have a policy that only our internal staff members may participate in the activities of the association.

The association is always moving forward. We develop ourselves on several fronts according to the wishes of our members.