8 trends: where is your organization at?

You are present at our Annual Day on June 14th, 2018 and during an interactive afternoon you will dive into one (or two) of the eight trends which the Corporate Rebels have discovered and with which successful organizations set themselves apart:

1. Purpose & values vs. Profit
2. Network of teams vs. Hierarchical pyramids
3. Supportive leadership vs. directive leadership
4. Experiment &  adapt vs. Plan & predict
5. Distributed decision making vs. Centralized authority
6. Freedom & trust vs. Rules & control
7. Radical transparancy vs. Secrecy
8. Talents & mastery vs. Job description

We ask you to answer the 8 questions below, by which you will score your organization per trend. You can also give argumentation for this score for yourself, but this is not obligated.

Thank you in advance for answering the questions!