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Events agenda

  1. Virtual meeting CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management
    • General

    CEG Infrastructure & ICT Service Management for IT architects, IT operations, IT service and / or Infrastructure managers, exchanges experiences on architecture, organization and processes of IT in the field of infrastructure, application and service management, data centers, network processes, outtasking / outsourcing.

    13 Oct
  2. Virtual meeting CEG Vendor Relations Virtueel
    • Vendor Relations

    Vendor managers, Category buyers, Service managers, Contract managers and License specialists participate in this Knowledge Group (CEG) meetings. This CEG shares knowledge and experience on various current topics: major vendors, contracts, licenses, audits, GDPR, DPIAs, exit, Cloud etc.

    08 Nov
  3. Virtual meeting CEG Data Virtueel
    • Digital Strategy

    Exchange knowledge and experiences by data specialists, managers and everybody who is data minded! 

    15 Nov
  4. Virtual meeting CEG Low-code/no-code Virtueel
    • Digital Strategy

    Exchange knowledge and experiences with Low-code/no-code platforms and their impact on the IT proces. 

    29 Nov
  5. Virtual meeting CEG Innovation & IT
    • Digital Strategy

    Professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). The CEG Innovation & IT shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to establish innovations? Who is in the lead? Who is responsible? How to organize the execution? Participants are Architects (enterprise, lead, domain), Innovation managers and Information managers.

    06 Dec
  6. Virtual meeting CEG IoT Virtueel
    • Digital Strategy

    In an informal, interactive setting, colleagues working at member organisations of the CIO Platform Nederland share their IoT best practice. Participate in this meeting if you are looking for inspiration outside your own organisation and if you would like to exchange knowledge and experience.

    14 Dec