Labour market & Education

Labour market & Education

Our members decide on which themes we are active. We are working on improving the matching of IT skills between companies & education.

We focus on:

  • Reducing the gap between supply and demand of IT professionals (both in volume and in skills).
  • Embedding Digital skills in the DNA of the entire organization.
  • The continuous development of our employees.
  • Making our members visible as an attractive IT employer. With our members IT is changing the business!
  • Getting young people interested for a study in IT.

Digitization, Big data, IoT; the world is changing and the labor market is changing! The IT market is currently growing faster than the economy, as a result of which the shortage of qualified IT staff continues. We need to work hard as CIO Platform Nederland to tackle the shortage.

Data Science Meet & Greets

On April 10th, 2019, we  are organizing a Meet & Greet for the 3rd time, to bring the daily practice and education of data science closer together. During this event data science students get a glance at the daily practice of data science within 10 of our members in an original and creative way. Send us an e-mail if you want to receive more information about this Meet & Greet.

Latest news

Upcoming event

  1. Meeting CEG HR Management

    7 March 2019 in Boxtel

    IT professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). In this session this CEG shares knowledge and experiences about the layout of the function house at VIVAT (and the corresponding job profiles, based on the e-Competence Framework) & recruitment new style: what are the possibilities?