Female IT leadership @Port of Rotterdam

Female IT leadership @Port of Rotterdam

2021-10-28 IT Female Leader Network.Port of Rotterdam.pngnovember 26, 2021

Last month some 20 female IT leaders met at the beautiful facilities of Port of Rotterdam, hosted by Claudia de Andrade – de Wit, CIO Port of Rotterdam, board member CIO Platform Nederland and co-initiator of this network group.

Claudia and colleagues shared valuable insights on the pitfalls and strengths of female leadership and fostering of diversity. Against the background of the skyline of Rotterdam, Claudia started to explain the immensity and challenges of the Port of Rotterdam area, from North Sea to the inland, from seagoing vessels to inland vessels. As CIO her main responsibility is digitalization and, together with the business, becoming the smartest port.

Claudia’s leadership style adapts to the needs of the organization with a strong focus on transparency, partnership and building trust. She is eager to align with the process needs of the business, in full support of a 24/7 operation. Examples were shared of this adaptive leadership, culture, strength of emotions and inclusivity. The day was concluded by breakout discussions on diversity and informal networking.

We would like to thank Claudia and her colleagues for their candor and valuable insights.

Read more in the detailed report (members only).

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