Advisory report NL Cyber Security Council advises an integrated approach to cyber resilience with management at the highest level

Advisory report NL Cyber Security Council advises an integrated approach to cyber resilience with management at the highest level

CSR Adviesrapport.jpgwoensdag 07 april 2021 15:11

Yesterday, the demissionary Minister of Justice and Security presented the Cyber Security Council's CSR Advisory Report "Integrated approach to cyber resilience" to the House of Representatives. It contains concrete (strategic) measures to be taken in the short term to get our cyber resilience to the necessary level as quickly as possible, including the corresponding investments of € 833 million. CIO Platform Nederland, represented in the council by Claudia de Andrade - de Wit, is pleased with the publication and emphasizes the importance of the central approach

The report focuses on five spearheads:

1. Directing cooperation and information sharing. CSR urges the formation of a ministerial sub-council on digital affairs and interdepartmental strategic consultation group, a governance model for a single national cyber resilience strategy and a faster formation of a mature nationwide system of information hubs (LDS) for improved information sharing about cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

2. Resilient vital processes. CSR urges for extra attention, including increasing the speed with which these processes are made cyber-resilient.

3. Suppliers' duty of care for safe products and services for citizens, businesses and government.

4. Strengthening research and education. Targeted investments for research into cyber resilience, start-ups and a cyber curriculum in relevant training courses can halt the current academic brain drain (departure abroad) and allow us to have sufficiently qualified staff available.

5. Realizing a cybercrime enforcement chain. The current capacity must be expanded, and public-private partnerships must be structurally structured and supported.

The council also advises the new cabinet to immediately set up a ministerial sub-council for digital affairs, instead of a Minister of Digital Affairs, where cyber resilience and digital autonomy are discussed comprehensively. Debate in this sub-council of the Cabinet must be fed by an interdepartmental strategic consultation group, containing all ministries that have a connection with cyber resilience. There must be one cyber resilience strategy, including a multi-year program of actions and investments. On the basis of this strategy, the budget must be divided, so the government bodies involved can use it to organize their work. Read more about the spearheads in the CSR article "CSR advises € 833 million for an integrated approach to cyber resilience" (Dutch).

Download the report (Dutch) and accompanying Infographic here (Dutch).

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