Annual Day 2021: the digital heart of society

Annual Day 2021: the digital heart of society

2021-09-15 Jaardag Event-omslag.pngmaandag 20 september 2021

The main topic of this year’s annual day, for which over 90 of our members travelled to the Mauritskazerne on September 15th, was ‘The digital heart of society’. The programme, led by Arthur Govaert and Ronald Verbeek, has quite literally and figuratively contributed to the digital heart of the participants.

For the first time after a long time, our members could meet each other again live. The participants have been updated about various developments within the association. And there are many. For instance, the impact of national and European politics has been discussed and presented during a Political Café. This contained relevant video-contributions from Queeny Rajkowski, Member of Parliament for the VVD, and from Renske Leijten, Member of Parliament for the SP and temporary chair of the Committee for Digital Affairs. What can our members’ organisations expect in the upcoming period within this challenging area, and how can we influence these developments? Sjoerd Blüm and Martin Hoff were officially introduced as CIOPN’s new board members. 

Board members Claudia de Andrade-de Wit, Raimond Voermans, Martijn Koning and Sjoerd Blüm informed the participants about the developments within the themes of Information Security, Vendor Relations, Transformation and Digital Strategy & Innovation. After the break, the floor was given to long-term participant Paul Samwel (CISO, ONVZ), who over the past 16 years has seen the association change and grow in impact and who was able to present this aptly.
Furthermore, in smaller groups, the participants shared their experiences about i.a. IoT, data, agile, vendor relations, cybersecurity, ITSM and LowCodeNoCode.

Next to the substantive parts of the annual day, there was obviously also enough opportunity to finally speak to and meet each other again in a friendly atmosphere. Finally, in line with the theme, we launched our new association video. See for yourself how the activities of the CIO Platform Nederland’s members form the (digital) heart of the Dutch society.

Again, many thanks to all attendees for making the annual day a success and hopefully on to more successful non-virtual events.

See also the LinkedIn post about the annual day.

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