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Events agenda

  1. CEG Architecture | Picnic | Role of Architecture in an Agile environment Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
    • Digital Strategy

    Exchange of knowledge and experiences by enterprise architects, solution architects and lead architects and anyone who wants to exchange experiences about architecture!

    04 Oct
  2. CEG Management Support | Louwman Group | Unburdening at a high level Raamsdonksveer
    • General

    This CEG unites the assistants of the member CIOs. The rapidly digitizing working environment and working virtual require a high demand of the flexibility and adjustment skils of the management assistant. The meeting highlights current challenges. On the agenda for example best practices to challenge the issues, break-outs and tips from other assistants and/or an expert.

    06 Oct
  3. CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management | Holland Casino | From traditional design via complete outsourcing of IT services to a management model with agile IT Teams Amsterdam
    • General

    CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management for IT architects, IT operations, IT service and / or Infrastructure managers, exchanges experiences on architecture, organization and processes of IT in the field of infrastructure, application and service management, data centers, network processes, outtasking / outsourcing.

    13 Oct
  4. Alliander: An agile transformation journey (CEG Agile + HR) Arnhem
    • Transformation

    How agile is your organization? To what extent is the agile mindset rooted in your organization and are self-directed teams working together to deliver real value for customers? This Knowledge group (CEG) exchanges experiences related to the agile way of working. Best practices are discussed, such as; how do you organize "You build it, you run it!" ? 

    18 Oct
  5. Executive Board CIO Diner: 'Cyber espionage, that doesn't happen to me' Gorinchem
    • Information Security

    Our CC Information Security, has taken the initiative to raise more awareness among members of the Boards of Directors/Supervisory Boards of our members about cyber security and espionage risks and the possible consequences thereof for the organization for which they are responsible.

    31 Oct
  6. CEG Information Security | ONVZ, CCRC | Cyber Resilience (online) Virtuele Bijeenkomst
    • Information Security

    CEG Information Security shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: cyber crime, privacy, creating awareness and what to do with dataleaks.

    01 Nov
  7. CEG Vendor Relations Virtuele Bijeenkomst
    • Vendor Relations

    Vendor managers, Category buyers, Service managers, Contract managers and License specialists participate in this Knowledge Group (CEG) meetings. This CEG shares knowledge and experience on various current topics: major vendors, contracts, licenses, audits, GDPR, DPIAs, exit, Cloud etc.

    08 Nov
  8. CEG HR Management
    • Transformation

    HR advisors, business partners, recruiters and Talent development leads take part in this Knowledgegroup (CEG). The members of the CEG share knowledge and experiences about subjects like: How to attract IT talent? How to retain IT talent? Up- and reskilling of (IT) colleagues, further development of digital skills, online learning and agile working. 

    10 Nov
  9. CEG Low-code/no-code Virtuele Bijeenkomst
    • Digital Strategy

    Exchange knowledge and experiences with Low-code/no-code platforms and their impact on the IT proces. 

    29 Nov
  10. CEG Innovation & IT | ANWB |How to accelerate as a traditional company with and through innovation 's-Gravenhage
    • Digital Strategy

    How to accelerate as a traditional company with and through innovation?

    You don't become a flourishing association with nearly five million members overnight. What explains the success of the ANWB, the cycling club founded in 1883 that grew into a beacon for motorists, cyclists, recreational cyclists and holidaymakers? You will discover at this meeting and become part of the journey and impact that digital transformation is having within ANWB.

    06 Dec