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Events agenda

  1. Virtual meeting CEG Managers CIO Office Virtueel
    • General

    A small-scale and informal meeting for managers CIO Office to exchange knowledge and experience. The subject(s) of the conversation will be addressed by you as a participant during the session.

    28 Sep
  2. Virtual meeting CEG HR Management Virtueel
    • Transformation

    HR advisors, business partners, recruiters and Talent development leads take part in this Knowledgegroup (CEG). The members of the CEG share knowledge and experiences about subjects like: How to attract IT talent? How to retain IT talent? Up- and reskilling of (IT) colleagues, further development of digital skills, online learning and agile working. 

    29 Sep
  3. Virtual meeting CEG Vendor Relations Virtueel
    • Vendor Relations

    Vendor managers, Category buyers, Service managers, Contract managers and License specialists participate in this Knowledge Group (CEG) meetings. This CEG shares knowledge and experience on various current topics: major vendors, contracts, licenses, audits, GDPR, DPIAs, exit, Cloud etc.

    06 Oct
  4. Virtual meeting CEG Information Security Virtueel
    • Information Security

    This CEG shares knowledge and experience on topics such as: cybercrime, privacy, creating awareness and how to deal with data leaks. A regular topic on the agenda is also an update with regard to Cyber Security in the Netherlands.

    08 Oct