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Events agenda

  1. Virtual meeting CEG Agile
    • Transformation

    How agile is your organization? To what extent is the agile mindset rooted in your organization and are self-directed teams working together to deliver real value for customers? This Knowledge group (CEG) exchanges experiences about agile transformation. Best practices are discussed, such as; where do you start and how to scale up? 

    09 Mar
  2. Virtual meeting CEG Vendor Relations
    • Vendor Relations

    Within the playing field of supplier management, CIO Platform Nederland takes an important position in representing the interests of our member organisations. During this meeting you'll get an update on our activities in supplier management and would like to receive your input, which we will then incorporate into our follow-up actions.

    11 Mar
  3. Virtual meeting CEG Management Support
    • General

    This CEG unites the assistants of the member CIOs. The rapidly digitizing working environment and working virtual require a high demand of the flexibility and adjustment skils of the management assistant. The meeting highlights current challenges. On the agenda for example best practices to challenge the issues, break-outs and tips from other assistants and/or an expert.

    16 Mar
  4. Kick-off 'High performance relations with software suppliers'
    • Vendor Relations

    CIO Platform Nederland and NLdigital are joining forces. The members of both associations will actively start to work together this year. We are aiming for a harmonious collaboration in which we strengthen each other and prevent high-flown conflicts. We start with an online kick-off designed for CIOs and general sales managers of software suppliers.

    18 Mar
  5. Virtual meeting CEG Managers CIO Office
    • General

    A small-scale and informal meeting for managers CIO Office to exchange knowledge and experience. The subject(s) of the conversation will be addressed by the participants during and/or prior to the session.

    23 Mar
  6. Virtual meeting CEG IoT
    • Digital Strategy

    In an informal, interactive setting, colleagues working at member organisations of the CIO Platform Nederland share their IoT best practice. Participate in this meeting if you are looking for inspiration outside your own organisation and if you would like to exchange knowledge and experience.

    25 Mar
  7. CIO-Board member Masterclass Data driven transformation

    The virtual Masterclass Data driven transformation is designed for the CIOs and CEO/Board Members of our member organizations. It is an intensive and one-off training on the practical, tactical and strategic application and knowledge of data & AI. The objective is to boost a sustainable data-driven transformation within your own organization.

    09 Apr
  8. Meeting CEG Portfolio management
    • Digital Strategy

    This CEG shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to determine value of programs and projects (especially the IT aspect), KPI definitions, methodologies (like MSP), the dialogue between business and IT, how to monitor the progress of projects i.r.t. strategic goals and gaining insight in resources and the impact of changes.

    13 Apr
  9. Virtual meeting CEG Information Security
    • Information Security

    This CEG shares knowledge and experience on topics such as: cybercrime, privacy, creating awareness and how to deal with data leaks. A recurring topic on the agenda is an update about cyber security in the Netherlands.

    18 May
  10. Meeting CEG Innovation & IT
    • Digital Strategy

    The CEG Innovation & IT shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to establish innovations? Who is in the lead? Who is responsible? How to organize the execution? Participants are Architects (enterprise, lead, domain), Innovation managers and Information managers.

    20 May