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Events agenda

  1. Refinement Transformation Journey - CC Transformation
    • Transformation

    Retrospective by members of CC (CIO Committee) Transformation 

    24 Sep
  2. Virtual meeting CEG Agile
    • Transformation

    How agile is your organization? To what extent is the agile mindset rooted in your organization and are self-directed teams working together to deliver real value for customers? This Knowledge group (CEG) exchanges experiences related to the agile way of working. Best practices are discussed, such as; how do you organize "You build it, you run it!" ? 

    28 Sep
  3. Virtual meeting 'Acquiring software vendors and contracts'
    • Vendor Relations

    CIO Platform Nederland and NLdigital are working closely together to prevent and solve the various problems during the cooperation between software vendors and large IT users. This first session of a series of meeting focuses on 'Acquiring Software Suppliers and Contracts'.

    05 Oct
  4. Round table ‘Value of Cyber security investments
    • Information Security

    Attention to the value and costs of information security/cybersecurity has been increasing for years. This applies to almost all organizations in all industries and in government. From the CIO Committee (CC) Information Security, we facilitate these round tables to exchange experiences.

    05 Oct
  5. Physical Meeting CEG Innovation & IT Alkmaar
    • Digital Strategy

    Professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). The CEG Innovation & IT shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to establish innovations? Who is in the lead? Who is responsible? How to organize the execution? Participants are Architects (enterprise, lead, domain), Innovation managers and Information managers.

    07 Oct
  6. Virtual meeting CEG Information Security
    • Information Security

    Cybersecurity is an important and growing point of attention for our members. The security experts working for our members exchange knowledge and experiences on this subject in a confidential environment and help each other with all relevant cyber security related issues. The aim is to strengthen the cyber resilience of the Netherlands and Dutch companies. 

    12 Oct
  7. Virtual meeting CEG Management Support Virtueel
    • General

    This group is specifically for the management assistants of our CIOs/CICOs. The assistants profession is changing considerably under the influence of digitalization and digital transformation of an organization. The sessions address how assistants can continue to develop themselves. Based on experiences from their own network or interesting speakers. During this meeting we address the topic how to start, build and maintain an internal assistant community.

    14 Oct
  8. Meeting Female IT leaders network’ (live) Rotterdam
    • General

    A live meeting for and by female CIOs and IT executives. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen and help each other and build a close network of female IT executives. In this edition (among other guests), host Claudia de Andrade de Wit shares her path, vision and challenges in her role as CIO of Havenbedrijf Rotterdam.

    28 Oct
  9. CxO Theme session Innovation: Focus, Find, Forward! Amsterdam

    New and exciting technologies for the future are rapidly evolving. How do you choose the right technology to adopt and to converge onThe CIO Committee (CC) Digital Strategy is now focusing on the next event on their roadmapCxO Theme session: ‘Innovation: Focus, Find, Forward! 

    01 Nov
  10. Meeting CEG HR Management Virtueel
    • Transformation

    HR advisors, business partners, recruiters and Talent development leads take part in this Knowledgegroup (CEG). The members of the CEG share knowledge and experiences about subjects like: How to attract IT talent? How to retain IT talent? Up- and reskilling of (IT) colleagues, further development of digital skills, online learning and agile working. 

    04 Nov