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Events agenda

  1. Virtual meeting CEG Management Support Virtueel
    • General

    A webinar full of practical tips to turn the common challenges and uncertainties of the management assistant into new energy and happiness during this unique period. Another topic are best practices about the new work since the start of virtual working.

    10 Sep
  2. Meeting CEG Innovation & IT
    • Digital Strategy

    Professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). The CEG Innovation & IT shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to establish innovations? Who is in the lead? Who is responsible? How to organize the execution? Participants are Architects (enterprise, lead, domain), Innovation managers and Information managers.

    14 Sep
  3. Virtual meeting CEG Agile Virtueel
    • Transformation

    How agile is your organization? To what extent is the agile mindset rooted in your organization and are self-directed teams working together to deliver real value for customers? This Knowledge group (CEG) exchanges experiences about agile transformation. Best practices are discussed, such as; where do you start and how to scale up? This session we'll address 'Online Ceremonies'.

    22 Sep
  4. CxO Bites & Drinks II
    • General

    Together with the board of the CIO Platform Nederland, we will jointly close the summer period during an informal network drink & BBQ. Corona-proof! 
    (This event is only for CxO's and based on personal invitation and registration!)

    23 Sep
  5. CxO Webinar GAIA-X Virtueel
    • General

    This webinar is organized by/for members of CIO Platform Nederland, Beltug (Belgium), Cigref (France) and Voice (Germany). Goal is to share information and experience with GAIA-X from CIO/CDO perspective.

    25 Sep
  6. Virtual meeting CEG Managers CIO Office Virtueel
    • General

    A small-scale and informal meeting for managers CIO Office to exchange knowledge and experience. The subject(s) of the conversation will be addressed by you as a participant during the session.

    28 Sep
  7. Virtual meeting CEG HR Management
    • Transformation

    HR advisors, business partners, recruiters and Talent development leads take part in this Knowledgegroup (CEG). The members of the CEG share knowledge and experiences about subjects like: How to attract IT talent? How to retain IT talent? Up- and reskilling of (IT) colleagues, further development of digital skills, online learning and agile working. 

    29 Sep
  8. Meeting CEG Management Support (reserve list) Schiphol
    • General

    The CIO Experience Group Management Support consists of the Management Assistants of all the CIO members. They meet twice a year. The meetings always consist of a guided tour in the company where the meeting is hosted and an interactive part where tips and tricks are share

    01 Oct
  9. Virtual meeting CEG Vendor Relations
    • General

    Vendor managers, Category buyers, Service managers, Contract managers and License specialists participate in this Knowledge Group (CEG) meetings. This CEG shares knowledge and experience on various current topics: major vendors, contracts, licenses, audits, GDPR, DPIAs, exit, Cloud etc.

    06 Oct
  10. Virtual meeting CEG Information Security
    • Information Security

    This CEG shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: cyber crime, privacy, creating awareness and what to do with dataleaks.

    08 Oct