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Events agenda

  1. CC Transformation heads-up call Virtueel
    • Transformation

    The CC Transformation aims to strengthening the role of the CIO / CDO, especially focused on the organization, culture and people-side of digital transformation.

    22 Jan
  2. Virtual meeting CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management Virtueel
    • General

    The new CEG Infrastructure & ICT Service Management for IT architects, IT operations, IT service and / or Infrastructure managers, exchanges experiences on architecture, organization and processes of IT in the field of infrastructure and service management, data centers, network processes, outtasking / outsourcing.

    25 Jan
  3. Virtual meeting CEG Data
    • Digital Strategy

    Exchange knowledge and experiences by data specialists, managers and everybody who is data minded! 

    28 Jan
  4. Virtual meeting CEG Information Security
    • Information Security

    This CEG shares knowledge and experience on topics such as: cybercrime, privacy, creating awareness and how to deal with data leaks. A recurring topic on the agenda is an update about cyber security in the Netherlands.

    02 Feb
  5. Taskforce Talent Development Virtueel
    • Transformation

    This Taskforce Talent Development is formed by a group enthusiastic (HR) members of CIO Platform Nederland. The agenda of this meeting includes a brainstorm on Assessments, as first topic to work on together in this taskforce. 

    03 Feb
  6. Virtual meeting CEG Low-code/no-code Virtueel
    • Digital Strategy

    Exchange knowledge and experiences with Low-code/no-code platforms and their impact on the IT proces. 

    09 Feb
  7. Virtual meeting CC Information Security Virtueel
    • Information Security

    In the CIO Committee Information Security we discuss all kinds of actions and topics that we focus on in our sessions and external activities, on which we help each other around the theme of Information Security!

    11 Feb
  8. CxO/Board Webinar ’Data Rules!' - Inspiration on value creation through data Virtueel
    • Digital Strategy

    The purpose of this session is to inspire (peer-to-peer) CxOs and (non-)executive board members about the importance and impact of data on the basis of current practical examples and insights.

    02 Mar
  9. Virtual meeting CEG Agile
    • Transformation

    How agile is your organization? To what extent is the agile mindset rooted in your organization and are self-directed teams working together to deliver real value for customers? This Knowledge group (CEG) exchanges experiences about agile transformation. Best practices are discussed, such as; where do you start and how to scale up? 

    09 Mar
  10. Virtual meeting CEG Vendor Relations
    • Vendor Relations

    Vendor managers, Category buyers, Service managers, Contract managers and License specialists participate in this Knowledge Group (CEG) meetings. This CEG shares knowledge and experience on various current topics: major vendors, contracts, licenses, audits, GDPR, DPIAs, exit, Cloud etc.

    11 Mar