Vendor Relations

Vendor Relations

Our members decide on which themes we are active. We are working on a balanced relationship between customer and supplier.

We focus on:

  • Creating a level playing field between supply and demand sides through a joint 'Code of Conduct'. Realizing flexibility, adaptability, transparency and scalability in contract formation. 
  • Increasing knowledge on contract & supplier management, software asset management and identity & access management.
  • Discussing the perceived bottlenecks in the relationship with large vendors.

In a rapidly changing technology landscape, where cloud demands an ever greater role, it is important to maintain good relations with the supply side. More balance in the rights and obligations of both client and supplier is essential for further development of this relationship.

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Upcoming event

  1. Meeting CEG Microsoft

    4 April 2019 in Amersfoort

    IT professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). This CEG shares knowledge and experiences on topical subjects concerning Microsoft like: licences, contracts, audits, GDPR, DPIA, exit, Cloud etc.