About us

CIO Platform Nederland in the digital heart of society

CIO Platform Nederland is the association for the CIO/CDO, their peers and IT professionals of large users of digital technology in the Netherlands.

Why are we here?

The revolution that digital technology unleashes in economic and social terms brings rapid changes in processes, necessary competences, investments, opportunities and risks. In order to make the right choices and thereby position organizations optimally, learning from the experiences of others is of great importance. CIO Platform Nederland has been facilitating CIOs, CDOs and their colleagues in sharing practical knowledge and experience since 2005, and by doing this we strengthen them in fulfilling their role.

Digital technology forces us to think differently about the active application of information, technology and data in every organization. We believe that these three key ingredients are indispensable to create benefits, flexibility and added value, enabling Dutch society to digitize successfully. The CIO/CDO and its peers play a crucial role in shaping vision, flexibility and cooperation. In this respect, contacts with partners within the own organization (for example the Board of Directors) and with stakeholders outside the own organization are of great importance. 

The changes digitalization makes possible and necessary in our organizations are so great and go so fast that by sharing knowledge we are sufficiently prepared for these developments and our organizations can prepare for this as good as possible.

In the digital heart of society

Digital technology has become vital to our organisations, the economy and society; moreover, our focus is moving from the 'cold' application of technology to its 'warm' impact on people and the cooperation between people and organisations. Finally, the members of CIO Platform Nederland are a reflection of a large number of sectors and activities that represent the heart of Dutch society. In short: CIO Platform Nederland is at the digital heart of society! 

Sharing knowledge & public debate

Because digital technology is so important and everywhere present, the conditions to use it a responsible way must be improved. This will not happen by itself, the community of CIOs, CDOs, their 'peers' and IT professionals need to contribute with their knowledge and experience. Both by inspiring each other and sharing knowledge within the association, and by contributing to the social debate and policy development.

In this regard, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Stop the misuse of vendor lock-in on the market for digital technology
  • Ensure that only digital products and services (including software) that are verifiably compliant with the European legislation and regulations are allowed to enter the market.
  • Retaining data ownership for the business user of IT.
  • Improving cybersecurity and the approach to cybercrime on a national and international level.

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CIO Platform Nederland organizes its activities according to the following themes: Information Security, Vendor Relations, Digital Strategy, Innovation &Transformation and Diversity & Inclusion

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Where do we stand for?

CIO Platform Nederland creates an environment in which its members connect and strengthen each other based on mutual trust:


Connecting the members creates the added value. The informal nature of the association means that the involvement is very high and the network is accessible. Contacts are laid quickly, in all layers of the organization.


By exchanging knowledge and experience, members strengthen themselves in their digital transformation. The bureau also represents the interests from our members and B.V. the Netherlands, by seeking contact with external parties.


Trust forms the basis and is the strength of the association. Every member feels safe to exchange sensitive issues. Suppliers do not participate in the activities and there is no sales and acquisition.