Priorities CIO Platform Nederland

CIO Platform Nederland is the association for the CIO/CDO, their peers, and IT-professionals of large business users of digital technology in the Netherlands. Digital technologies have obtained an indispensable role within many business processes, and this role will only increase. The societal importance and dependence on technology vendors therefore increases too.

The application and implementation of digital technologies is the central focus for members of CIO Platform Nederland. For large business users of digital technology it is therefore of crucial importance that the use of such technology is safe, reliable, scalable and sustainable.

The rapid growth of digital technology is still too often at the expense of the business user. Extensive research into the degree to which some frequently used application comply with European privacy legislation, led to the conclusion that this is often not the case (CR1). Due to the balance of power on the market for digital technology this cannot be easily resolved by business users. That has to change: more transparent, fairer and in line with European regulations.

CIO Platform Nederland wants to support the digital transition and therefore contributes actively to solving the issues that prevent the correct, safe and effective use of digital technologies. To realise that, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Stop the misuse of vendor lock-in on the market for digital technology
  • Ensure that only digital products and services (including software) that are verifiably compliant with the European legislation and regulations are allowed to enter the market.
  • Retaining data ownership for the business user of IT.
  • Improving cybersecurity and the approach to cybercrime on a national and international level.

By applying our knowledge, expertise and experiences from practice, we attempt to solve pressing issues concerning these topics.

In addition, we support valuable initiatives that improve the application of IT in practice, and that increase the positive impact of digital technology. This includes for example participating in the Cyber Security Raad, the AI Coalition, Human Capital Agenda-ICT etc.

These activities occur mostly in cooperation with other organisation within CIO Platform Nederland’s ecosystem. Both on a national and a European/international level.

For questions and/or remarks about the choices and/or execution of these priorities please contact