Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our members determine which themes we act on. We work on organizations that are open to talent and where every employee, regardless of personal characteristics or background, feels valuable and welcome.

People make organizations. People have different backgrounds, talents and motivations. In order to be able to supply the right products and services to a broad group of customers in rapidly developing, often global markets, it is important to develop and implement those products and services with a diverse group of employees. They can help you make the right choices and prevent blunders. In addition, in a labor market with great scarcity, it is even more important to appeal to the widest possible group of potential employees and to take good care of the people who already work for you. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the diversity of your workforce and to pay attention to an open culture within the organization, so that everyone can feel welcome.

For this we do the following:

1. Share knowledge about the bias-free recruitment and selection process for employees. What knowledge, insights and experiences are there to remove prejudices from this process, so that you create the space to address and interest broader groups in your vacancy and attract the most suitable person to fill that vacancy. In doing so, we involve knowledge from science, the market and the experiences of other members.

2. Share experiences about the elements that are important to develop an inclusive culture in the workplace. How do you approach that, what works and when can it go completely off the rails? What do we actually know about each other and each other's backgrounds, passions and motives? How do we bring it up and take each other into account. How to become and remain an inclusive leader?

More diversity in terms of gender, age, background, but also, for example, how people think and learn (neurodiversity) is desperately needed. Those differences determine the path someone has traveled to get where they are now and that generally says something about the way someone views and deals with problems. In this way we make our organizations and companies richer, more effective. That is why, on behalf of CIO Platform Nederland, I am committed to more diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace – also in our field.

Diversity & Inclusion news

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Diversity & Inclusion events

  1. Online CEG HR Management | Successful recruitment and retention | Sprints & Reverse interviewing | Transavia & KLM Virtuele Bijeenkomst

    Airline Transavia takes a different approach to the recruitment of tech talent: instead of looking for already existing ICT workers, the company selects potential talent without an IT background, and then trains them itself. Parent company KLM has started a process of reverse application in this tight and challenging labour market.

    13 Jun
  2. (Fe)male IT Leaders Network: 'Strategy eats culture for breakfast' | VieCuri Venlo Venlo

    A live meeting for and by female CIOs and IT executives. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen and help each other and build a close network of female IT executives. This time we are also inviting our male CIOs and IT executives.

    12 Sep

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