Why join the CIO Platform Nederland?

Read the 5 main benefits of membership and some quotes from our current members why they are a member.

1. The association is completely independent from suppliers and external parties, this means no sales and acquisition. 
The CIO Platform Nederland operates independently and is financed entirely from the contribution of its members. Only our member’s internal employees participate in the network and our activities; ICT suppliers, consultants and other external parties do not have access. The members determine the agenda. The sharing of information always takes place on the basis of trust, members have the certainty that information and data are never available to third parties. No acquisition is made during or following events of the CIO Platform Nederland.

As CIO's and CDO's we often deal with the same issues. When solving these questions applies: every man for himself is adding up, collaboration is multiplying. The CIO Platform Nederland enables this multiplication.

2. Quick and easy access to a wide and versatile network.
Our members are all major ICT users and come from a wide variety of sectors. Members, with substantial innovation budgets and/or progressive digitalization agendas, collect and share information with industry peers and organizations from a completely different sector. Being a member opens the door quickly and simply to colleagues who can help you further, so you do not have to invent the wheel yourself.

The CIO Platform Nederland is unique, because experiences are exchanged in an environment where mistakes can also be shared in confidence. That is why I regularly get in touch with peers and that makes my investment in time and money more than worth it.

3. Exchanging practical knowledge and experience and inspiring each other.
The informal nature of the meetings, and the safe environment without suppliers, means that participants can make contact easily and quickly. Inspiring each other during meetings by sharing practical knowledge and experience about recognizable issues and challenges creates synergies. This strengthens the individual members and gives direction to the digital transformation of the entire organization.

The strength of the CIO Platform Nederland is to exchange experiences and learn from each other, because we face the same digital challenges.

Martin HoffCIO EBN

4. Advocacy on behalf of a strong collective towards government and suppliers.
Many of the issues that a CIO or CDO encounters are not unique to his/her organization. By addressing such shared issues together, the workload can be divided and more knowledge, insights and experience can be used to solve them. Where necessary, the association makes a fist towards large external parties, such as international suppliers and the government. At European level, we work together with similar associations in other countries, while we can optimally serve the interests of our members on an international scale.

The CIO Platform Nederland is the place where my team and I can exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues across different sectors. This enables me to look at IT and organizational issues from different perspectives.

5. Access to more than 50 events per year for CIOs and internal employees of the member organizations. 
The CIO/CDO, peers, IT professionals and employees from the business, who are permanent workers, can participate free of charge in all meetings that are organized during the year on various current topics from the four themes we focus on.