Information Security

Information Security

Our members decide on which themes we are active. We are working on a safe, reliable digital business and society.

With digital technology now penetrating into the core of our businesses, production processes and public institutions, it becomes increasingly important that the technology is secure and trustworthy and complies with legal and ethical standards. More security is necessary, especially since the technology is highly complex, changes quickly and its risks are at the expense of the user. That is why confidence in technological expertise, compliance with agreements, standards and laws, and the focus on your interest of the supplier or implementation partner, is good but not always sufficient.

It is time for a next step towards:

  1. Ensuring compliance of digital technology with laws and regulation (i.a. GDPR) and providing assurance that products/services/processes do what they are suppose to (and nothing more). We will aim for more standardisation and certification, both in the Netherlands via initiatives at he Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety and the Online Trust Coalition, and in Europe via the European Commission.
  2. Sharing information about cyber vulnerabilities and incidents between government and businesses, and among businesses. Some important steps have been taken towards a ‘National covered system’, but there is more to be done. Securely sharing information between NCSC, DTC and other certs, and with cybersecurity partnerships, has to improve soon. Information that can help businesses guard themselves against concrete forms of ill intentions and damage cannot only reside at the government. Additionally, business should have the possibility to share information about incidents and threats that they experience themselves with others, so that they can be better prepared.
  3. Besides secure products and services, and information about current threats and vulnerabilities, it is also vital to practice how to act during an incident, including a situation in which some employees are working from home and others from the office. Therefore, we will once again draw attention to our exercise scenario and update it where necessary.  

The new digital world offers many opportunities. This also increases dependence and vulnerability. By working together and sharing information and knowledge, we are all getting better and safer and we are creating new opportunities for these threats. We are working on this, both within the CIO Platform Nederland, and with the government and other parties outside.

Information Security news

Advisory report NL Cyber Security Council advises an integrated approach to cyber resilience with management at the highest level

CSR Adviesrapport.jpgWednesday 07 April 2021 15:11 Yesterday, the demissionary Minister of Justice and Security presented the Cyber Security Council's CSR Advisory Report "Integrated approach to cyber resilience" to the House of Representatives. It contains concrete (strategic) measures to be taken in the short term to get our cyber resilience to the necessary level as quickly as possible, including the corresponding investments of € 833 million. CIO Platform Nederland, represented in the council by Claudia de Andrade - de Wit, is pleased with the publication and emphasizes the importance of the central approach full story

Digital security: "The chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

2021-03-08 Claudia risicoklassenindelingtool.pngMonday 08 March 2021 16:41 "With more than 4,000 parties working closely together in the logistics chain, it is becoming increasingly important to be incredibly well aligned. Not only on a physical level, but also on a digital level. Investing in cyber security is therefore necessary in order to be a reliable partner in this logistics chain." Was said by Claudia de Andrade de Wit, Director Digital & IT at the Port of Rotterdam and chair CC Information Security at CIO Platform Nederland. full story

Call for cyber security measures

2021-01-28 Oproep cyber security maatregelen.pngThursday 28 January 2021 16:37 CIO Platform Nederland calls on the Minister of Justice and Security and the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to take measures in the field of cyber security. full story

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Information Security events

  1. (C)ISO Drinks & Bites Utrecht

    Start the summer period together with other (C)ISOs during an informal networking meeting including drinks & BBQ. This meeting is completely corona-proof. (This event is for members of the CEG Information Security and based on personal invitation and registration!)

    15 Jun
  2. Meeting CEG Information Security

    Cybersecurity is an important and growing point of attention for our members. The security experts working for our members exchange knowledge and experiences on this subject in a confidential environment and help each other with all relevant cyber security related issues. The aim is to strengthen the cyber resilience of the Netherlands and Dutch companies. 

    12 Oct

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