Information Security

Information Security

Our members decide on which themes we are active. We are working on a safe, reliable digital business and society.

We focus on:

  • Increasing the opportunities and possibilities of products and services with strong information security at all levels of our organizations and in society.
  • Encouraging awareness among directors, internal supervisors, employees and the general public with regard to the opportunities and risks surrounding information security.
  • Contributing to the activities of the Cyber ​​Security Council, the government and third parties in the field of information security.

The new digital world offers many opportunities. This also increases dependence and vulnerability. By working together and sharing information and knowledge, we are all getting better and safer and we are creating new opportunities for these threats. We are working on this, both within the CIO Platform Nederland, and with the government and other parties outside.

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  1. Crisis management exercise - open registration

    28 January 2019 in Schiphol

    Looking for an interesting and effective crisis management exercise to play within your own organization? Take a sneak peek and join this open registration crisis management exercise. Experience yourself by playing the exercise what it has to offer that the CIO Platform Nederland offers to our members.