About impact


For a successful digital transformation, it is important that policy and regulations, both in the Netherlands and Europe, set the right frameworks. Therefore, the voice of the business user of digital technology must also be heard in The Hague and Brussels. Together with our sister organisations in Europe, we formulate our views and bring them to the attention of politicians and policymakers.

Making impact together

In addition to sharing knowledge and experience, CIO Platform Nederland has set itself the goal of taking part in public debate in order to input the experience and points of view from business users of digital technologies in discussions on policies and legal frameworks.

Business users increasingly apply digital technology and use it, for example, as a government organisation or company to provide services and products that ultimately benefit consumers, citizens, students and patients in the Netherlands, Europe or other parts of the world. Without business users there is no digital acceleration and economic prosperity. But they also experience bottlenecks in the digital market that require attention. In addition, a large number of laws are being drafted that will determine the possibilities and responsibilities of business users in the future. For example, about artificial intelligence or rights in relation to data. It is important that the experiences and views of business users are also taken into account.

That means participating in the social debate and making our voice heard in the media and with policy-makers and politicians. And because the issues are also experienced in other European countries, and much of the important legislation will be European, we are increasingly working with associations of business users of digital technology in countries such as Belgium, France and Germany.

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