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Events explanation

Every year the CIO Platform Nederland organizes approximately 70 meetings for  members. The events are only accessible to employees of our members: CIO/CDO's, CxO's, IT profossionals and colleagues from the business. Participation is only possible after registration in advance. The complete program of our sessions can be viewed after logging in. Characteristic of all sessions:

  • No access to suppliers and consultants
  • Exchange knowledge and experience in confidence
  • Informal setting
  • Free of charge for all permanent staff. Occasionally, a limit can be set for an event on the number of participants per member organization
  • Various topics: from information security to vendor relations to digital transformation
  • Online, onsite en hybrid events for and by the members

Events for CIO/CDO's: 

Region meetings
These meetings are especially for CIO’s/CDO’s, in which they can discuss on strategic themes with colleagues from the region, with a limited effort in terms of time. Small groups (max. 10 people) meet several times a year. C-level guests are welcome, provided they are pre-registered and shared with all participants. The meeting takes place under the 'Chatham House Rule'.

Networking dinners
Three times a year a member invites all CIO’s/CDO's for a 'view into the kitchen'. The network dinners start at 15.00hrs with information exchange about the association. The attendees also have the opportunity to ask questions for help. From 16.00hrs the host/hostess has the opportunity to introduce the participants to the digital organization, followed by a strategic dialogue and concluding drinks and dinner. A tour of the location, drinks and dinner always provide a cozy atmosphere and a balanced balance. Network dinners last until about 20.00hrs.

CIO Committees (CC)
Two to three times a year, a small group of dedicated CIOs meet each other, with a special interest in one of the four themes. The CC supports the board by proposing a strategic agenda and in creating the concrete activities on that theme.

Events for everybody:

Theme sessions
Every year we organize many events on current themes for everyone working at our member organizations. Urgent and current topics are addressed by our members, where a meeting is organized, sometimes only with internal people, sometimes also with external speakers. Knowledge and experience is exchanged on one specific topic, problems/questions/challenges can be presented to peers. 

Annual Day
Each year, the CIO Platform Nederland organizes a festive day on the first or second Thursday in June for all those actively involved in our association (CIO’s, CDO’s, CEG participants, etc.). During the Annual Day, there is always a central theme and an informal meeting is the main goal.

Knowledge group meetings
CIO Experience Groups (CEG’s), or Knowledge groups, are groups for knowledge exchange on topics that remain relevant in the long term. All employees are welcome to participate in a Knowledge group. The aim of these groups is to exchange best practices and current affairs and provide input for interviews with external parties outside the CIO Platform Nederland (such as ongoing research, reviews of publications, etc.). Various CEG’s support the relevant CIO Committees in the realization of their plans. Each CEG has a number of meetings per year and these are held on location at one of the participants. With sufficient enthusiasm, new CEG’s can always be drawn up on current topics.

Overview of knowledge groups

CEG Agile
This CEG discusses various topics regarding Agile/Scrum: What does the change to Agile mean? Where do you start with an implementation? How do management departments work Agile? How do we get the business to join? How does Agile work across the entire chain? Working with Scrum or Scrums? How do we arrange the (financial) control? How do we organize good teams? How do you deal with the new role of the management layer? How is the added value measured by the teams? 

CEG Architecture
Exchange of knowledge and experiences by enterprise architects, solution architects and lead architects and anyone who wants to exchange experiences about architecture! 

CEG Data 
Exchange of knowledge and experiences by data specialists, managers and everybody who is data minded!  

CEG HR Management 
This CEG is aimed at HR managers, HR consultants and recruiters working in the IT environment. Acquiring IT professionals has many challenges, as does ensuring the employability of current employees. HR professionals share their knowledge and experience in this CEG to assist the IT organization in the optimal deployment of the department. 

CEG Information security 
Cybersecurity is an important and growing point of attention for our members. The security experts working for our members exchange knowledge and experiences on this subject in a confidential environment and help each other with all relevant cyber security related issues. The aim is to strengthen the cyber resilience of the Netherlands and Dutch companies. For example, members of the CEG Information Security jointly produced an article on "Cybersecurity: where do you start? And what else is there to do?", we are involved in the DTC and have developed the Guide for Cyber initiatives together with several CISOs, we take an active part in the Cyber Security Council and we are involved in all kinds of initiatives to further strengthen information security within organisations.

CEG Infrastructure & Service Management 
This CEG is for IT architects, IT operations, IT service and / or Infrastructure managers, exchanges experiences on architecture, organization and processes of IT in the field of infrastructure and service management, data centers, network processes, outtasking / outsourcing. 

CEG Innovation & IT  
From practice we see that Innovation Managers, Information Managers and Architects work together more and more to make a successful contribution to the organization's objectives. Through transformations from ICT developments and collaboration, innovations and new business models can become reality. Architects, Innovation Managers and Information Managers (and everyone else who plays a role on the innovation level) are brought together to inspire each other about "How do innovations come about" (Who’s responsible? How to start and manage execution?). 

The CEG IoT shares knowledge and insights about managing, optimizing and innovating processes using IoT devices. Instead of just listening to suppliers and developing Proof of Concepts, you will learn from the various practical cases that are brought in by members of the CIO Platform Nederland. These practical cases can transcend a specific sector and sometimes lead to surprising results. 

CEG Low-code/no-code 
Exchange of knowledge and experiences with Low-code/no-code platforms and their impact on the IT proces.  

CEG Management support 
This group is specifically for the management assistants of our CIOs/CICOs. Twice a year this enthusiastic and committed group meets. Meetings are characterized by exchanging knowledge and experience and if we are on location there often is an interesting tour in the organization. The assistants profession is changing considerably under the influence of digitalization and digital transformation of an organization. As an assistant, how do you stay future-proof? How do you pick up new work and how do you play yourself in the picture? These are questions that get an answer during the sessions.  

CEG Managers CIO Office 
A small-scale and informal meeting specially for managers CIO Office to exchange knowledge and practical experience with each other. During each session the participants decide which topics to discuss next meeting.   

CEG Portfolio management  
The CEG Portfolio management discusses all aspects of portfolio management. This includes: Valuation of programs and projects, including prioritization. KPI definitions. Resource management: gain insight into the allocation of resources and impact of the changes. Experiences with the various tooling that are used in this process. Monitoring progress of projects i.r.t. strategic goals to be achieved. Methods such as MSP. Dialogue between business and IT and stakeholder management. Impact of agile working on budget, planning and control. 

CEG Sustainability
The number of questions and challenges around sustainability i.c.w. digital/data continues to grow and we are therefore giving it a permanent place in our association.

CEG Vendor Relations 
This CEG deals with suppliers, purchasing and licenses. Licensing structures of the major suppliers are discussed, general aspects about procurement in the organization, what to do in audits, etc. The exchange of issues and best practices always delivers enormous value for the attendees in contacts with suppliers.

Female IT Leaders
A live meeting for and by female CIOs and IT executives. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen and help each other and build a close network of female IT executives.