We make digital work!


Robotization, Big Data, Cognitive Computing is digitizing our businesses rapidly.

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The CIO as a driving force behind innovation and digitalization, requires specific skills

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Information Security

Working on a safe, reliable digital business and society

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Labourmarket & Education

Improve IT skills matching businesses and educators, develop employees

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Vendor Relations

Working towards a balanced relationship between client and supplier

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The association of Digitalization leaders in the Netherlands.

Digitalization forces us to think differently about using information technology and data in any organisation. The CIO and his/her peers play a crucial role in shaping vision, flexibility and collaboration.

We believe information technology and data are indispensable to create benefits, flexibility and value. CIO Platform Nederland makes a difference to its members through active collaboration and knowledge sharing in the rapidly changing world.

We make digital work!

We are committed to connecting and supporting our members through the transition to a digital society.

The changes that are now possible and necessary in our organisations thanks to digitalization are so extensive and rapid, it is only by sharing knowledge that we can be properly prepared for these developments and prepare our organisations as well as possible.

Collaboration with external parties

CIO Platform Nederland collaborates on various matters at national and European level with other organisations and participates in activities that help achieve our goals.

Examples are: Alert Online, CA-ICT, Dutch Digital Delta, ECPEuroCIONational Cyber Security Centre, Nederland ICT, VNO-NCW 

Latest news


  1. On Thursday 3 November 2016 in Veghel

    Meeting CC Digitalization
    • Digitalization
  2. On Tuesday 8 November 2016 in Rotterdam

    Meeting CC Labour Market & Education
    • Labour Market & Education
  3. On Tuesday 8 November 2016 in Rotterdam

    Meeting Comité van Aanbeveling
    • Labour Market & Education

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