Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Our members determine the themes on which we act. We work on the continuous digitization of our organizations. The digital strategy, as part of the overall strategy, is central to this theme.

We focus on:

  • How to fit IT strategy and digital strategy with the corporate strategy? In this we make a link between theory and practice of strategy development.
  • How do you get value from your data. We share knowledge about where you start creating value from your data.
  • We also discuss improving your data quality and the governance of data.
  • How to involve the Board and internal supervisors in IT and innovation. An important step in this is to bring these groups together, with the CIO’s of their organizations on topics such as digitization and innovation, to inspire them and learn from each other.

We are living in a period in which the application of IT and data is experiencing an enormous acceleration. How to apply these in a good and structured way - in these hectic times -, what choices to make and which preconditions to set and how to actually create value, is a major challenge for the leaders of all organizations. It helps enormously if we can exchange experiences about this and learn from each other!

Digital Strategy news

Freedom, fun and learning

2019-04-12 Data science meet and greet.header.jpgFriday 12 April 2019 12:10 Working as a data scientist in a large organization, how will that be? IT students received an answer to this question on April 10th. During this third edition of the Data Science Meet & Greet, at a.s.r. insurances, the CIO Platform Nederland again showed its connecting strength. full story

Get insights into the day-to-day work live as a data scientist

2019-03-19 9 reasons for meet and greet.pngTuesday 19 March 2019 15:34 Attention all bachelor and master data science and IT students! Would you like to know how it is like to work as a data scientist at a big company or large organization? To get an answer, join our (free) Data Science Meet & Greet on Wednesday afternoon April 10th. full story

Upcoming 3th Data Science Meet & Greet

2019-02-13 Data Science Meet and Greet April 10th.jpgWednesday 13 February 2019 17:01 To bring the daily practice and education closer together, the CIO Platform Nederland organizes on Wednesday afternoon on April 10th for the third time a Data Science Meet & Greet. The event for our members and data science students to meet each other. full story

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Digital Strategy events

  1. Virtual meeting CEG IoT

    In an informal, interactive setting, colleagues working at member organisations of the CIO Platform Nederland share their IoT best practice. Participate in this meeting if you are looking for inspiration outside your own organisation and if you would like to exchange knowledge and experience.

    25 Mar
  2. CIO-Board member Masterclass Data driven transformation

    The virtual Masterclass Data driven transformation is designed for the CIOs and CEO/Board Members of our member organizations. It is an intensive and one-off training on the practical, tactical and strategic application and knowledge of data & AI. The objective is to boost a sustainable data-driven transformation within your own organization.

    09 Apr
  3. Meeting CEG Portfolio management

    This CEG shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to determine value of programs and projects (especially the IT aspect), KPI definitions, methodologies (like MSP), the dialogue between business and IT, how to monitor the progress of projects i.r.t. strategic goals and gaining insight in resources and the impact of changes.

    13 Apr

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