Call for cyber security measures

Call for cyber security measures

2021-01-28 Oproep cyber security maatregelen.pngThursday 28 January 2021 16:37

CIO Platform Nederland calls on the Minister of Justice and Security and the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to take measures in the field of cyber security.

Recently, cyber security incidents have been in the news on a regular basis; our members experience these on a daily basis and the damage is increasing. In addition, the costs of dealing safely with digital technologies are exploding. And meanwhile, cyber criminals seem to be to be tracked down difficultly and to held accountable. This has to change! The increasing dependence on digital technology makes it necessary that the digital world is also brought under the full force of the rule of law.

What is required?
In any case:

  • Faster and better sharing of information between government and business.
  • Improving the knowledge and resources of investigative services and the Public Prosecution Service in order to enhance the approach to cyber crime.
  • Increasing the liability of software suppliers that bring unsafe products onto the market.
  • European cooperation at legal, police and judicial level to catch cyber criminals faster and bring them to justice.

We are, of course, also involved in knowledge sharing and cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Digital Trust Center (DTC) and the Centre for Crime Prevention and Security (CCV). See o.a. Cyber security roadmap and the Risk class classification tool for SMEs.

If you have any questions about this call? Please contact Ronald Verbeek, director of CIO Platform Nederland, at

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