'Agile in practice' at Alliander| 18 October 2022 | Arnhem

'Agile in practice' at Alliander| 18 October 2022 | Arnhem

2022-10-18 - CEG Agile AllianderTuesday 27 September 2022 08:36

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A unique opportunity for every Agile coach, HR leader and business coach, to hear from one of the members of the CIO Platform how they deal with digital transformation and the successful adoption of Agile throughout the organization.

On Tuesday October 18th, a physical meeting will take place at Alliander in Arnhem about the agile journey that Alliander has undergone. In addition to the presentations by Rinke van de Rhee (CIO) and Niek van Munster (manager Digital Capability Center a.i.), Alliander has thought that it is cool to dwell on a number of practical cases outside of IT.

A digital transformation is the wish of every company and so is Agile working. Often it stops at talking about these new ideas or the adoption outside of IT is difficult. Jarno Hulshorst, (Agile coach) will reflect on the multidisciplinary team Labour Market, Training and Retention and explain how Agile beyond IT has been brought about within Alliander. In addition, Suzanne Haanappel, (digital culture & change lead) share the importance of building and expanding digital literacy and how they have achieved this within Alliander.

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