Twin Transition Playbook for CIO’s

Twin Transition Playbook for CIO’s

2023-02-13 NB Workshop 'Twin Transition' schipholMonday 20 February 2023 08:49

A large group of participants, equally divided between CIOs and other stakeholders and interested parties in the field of digital and energy transition, gathered at Schiphol Group on 13 February.

There, Sjoerd Blüm, until recently CIO of Schiphol Group, and his team explained their 'twin transition' journey to (potential) members of CIO Platform Nederland. Their presentation covered the three phases of the 'Twin Transition Playbook' and Schiphol’s experience with implementing these.

The first phase concerns the search for the right objectives; these should fit within the organisation's overall strategy, suit the role and competences of the Data and Tech organisation, and be both ambitious and achievable. With a focus on both greening by IT (using IT to achieve sustainability goals) and greening of IT (making the IT systems themselves more sustainable). In phase two, the precise objectives are determined, with some being achievable quickly to create momentum and enthusiasm while others could take a bit longer. Cooperation with other organisational units or external partners is also an objective in this phase. In the third phase, support from involved employees, colleagues and ecosystem partners is secured and work is done on making project results part of business as usual

After this explanation by the Schiphol team, the other participants shared their experiences, questions and intended approach regarding the twin transition in several breakout groups. The power of pooling experiences and sharing successes were identified as some key success factors. The experiences of this journey within Schiphol Group will be incorporated into a new version of the Twin Transition Playbook, which will be published shortly.

Find the vlog from Sjoerd and more details of the meeting in the report of the workshop (for members only).

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