Quite some attention for VMware letter

Quite some attention for VMware letter

2023-06-26 | NB | CIO verenigingen roepen Breton op tot actie EUCS voorstel brengt grote gevolgen voorApril 05, 2024

The four CIO associations' joint letter to the European Commission regarding the impact of Broadcom's acquisition of VMware on our members, has generated a lot of interest.

For example, in the Dutch online media: AGConnect, Computable, IT-executive, Dutch IT-leaders and once more Dutch IT-leaders as well as in Techzine’s life blog. 

In addition, there has been contact with, among others, Global Competition Report, which has published an article, and with The Capitol Forum. 

Meanwhile, we have not yet heard directly from the European Commission, although contacts from Global Competition Report, among others, show that Broadcom has been asked for clarification. 

No direct response has yet been heard from Broadcom either, except through the media: e.g. The Register, AGConnect and Arstechnica (interesting 'comments' also there if you have time) and Techzine's already mentioned blog. 

Meanwhile, we are receiving mostly positive reactions to the letter from various members and non-members. In consultation with sister associations and other relevant stakeholders, we will consider next steps. We will also engage with NLdigital on the broader context of this particular situation.  

Should you have suggestions for a follow-up, or additional information to share about recent contacts with Broadcom, please contact Ronald.

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