Meeting with vice-president of the European Commission, Margarethe Vestager’s Cabinet

Meeting with vice-president of the European Commission, Margarethe Vestager’s Cabinet

2020-07-01 Vergadering kabinet van Europees vice-president Vestager.pngMonday 06 July 2020 11:17

On Wednesday morning July 1, Arthur Govaert and Ronald Verbeek, along with colleagues from Beltug, Cigref and Voice, spoke to mr. Werner Stengg and mr. Michele Piergiovanni from the cabinet of vice-president of the European Commission (EC), mrs. Margarethe Vestager.

The reason was our letter in which we called for a better hearing of the ICT-using European business community, especially on the points:

  • Vendor lock in and competition,
  • data ownership and use,
  • strengthening Europe.

From the EC, contact with our community was welcomed, specifically to gain a better understanding of the needs of digitizing companies and organizations. More than before, this Commission focuses on strengthening companies in Europe, where in the past Commissions often mainly focused on consumer interests. That offers us a great opportunity. 

Other opportunities lie in participating in the various consultations that are currently ongoing, in the field of the Digital Services Act and in the field of competition. The latter focuses on the question of whether a new competition instrument is necessary to address competition after first purchase. This could offer a solution to the well-known problem that although there is a choice between, for example, ERP systems, once you have made your choice, you are at the mercy of the supplier because switching is virtually impossible. 

It was recommended to participate as much as possible in these consultations, both as individual companies, as an association and as an international collaboration of associations. Submitting your views is possible until September 8th. We will address this separately in another mailing, but for those who cannot wait: 

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