Introduction new theme Transformation

May we have 5 minutes of your time ...?

The new theme Transformation (Transformation, People & Organization) is about putting people at the center when transforming our organizations. We have come up with a large number of ideas to inspire you and help you in the transformation process. We would like to address the topics you and your colleagues value most. Nothing is crazy. We are open to everything!

The questionnaire consists of 5 short questions to obtain a good picture of your needs. It would be great if the list would be completed by as many members as possible, that's how we are able to be of service to a large group!

Many thanks for your input,

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Rik Farenhorst
CIO Transavia & Chairman CC Transformation

Although not preferred, the questionnaire may also be completed anonymously

Topics Theme Transformation

Divide 100 points between topics 1 - 6
1. Organization of transformations
2. From project organization to (agile) product/services teams
3. End2end cooperation Business & IT
4. Leadership development and facilitating/serving leadership
5. Culture, value systems (e.g. SpiralDynamics) and change management
6. Value management (systems & metrics)
Divide 100 points between topics 7 - 12
7. Attention for talent development of ICT professionals (e.g. via curricula and competences frameworks)
8. Modernising of Recruitment & HR (o.a. Performance management, onboarding)
9. Cooperation with universities/startups to find or develop IT professionals
10. Coordination of supply and demand on the Labor Market
11. Growth in the employment rate of women in IT related jobs
12. Employability employees & career journeys
Divide 100 points between topics 13 -17
13. Modern governance models (eg. network vs. hierarchic models)
14. Agile, Lean, DevOps (at scale)
15. Innovation management
16. Creating a learning organization (experimenting, learning from mistakes, PDCA, etc.)
17. Process design & governance for flexible organizations
Choose max. 5 topics
Multiple answers possible
and how the CIO Platform Netherlands can facilitate you in this.