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What if no new management assistants graduate in five years' time?

2023-09-12  Blog Judith van der Kolk9/18/23, 12:00 PM Times are changing. But who then makes the complex appointments, who makes sure the agenda is correct, who is the person in the background who arranges everything? Read more in the current blog by Judith van der Kolk from Spaarne hospital. full story

Take care of an Enterprise Architect; How an Enterprise Architect unburdens and provides

2021-05-25 Mailing terugkoppeling SAM.png9/11/23, 4:17 PM ''Great, Enterprise Architect! Probably interesting and important, but what do you actually do?'' For many people, it's a pretty abstract role, not always easy to place. Fortunately, I have my elevator pitch ready! full story

Urgent call on the EC to also designate the major cloud providers as gatekeepers under the DMA

2023-01-17 NB Grijp de kansen in het nieuwe digitale landschap!9/8/23, 5:42 PM Urgent call on the European Commission to also designate the major cloud providers as gatekeepers under the DigitalMarketsAct (DMA) to ensure additional obligations. full story

Our four priorities for the next Cabinet

2023-08-24 Our four priorities for the next Cabinet8/24/23, 3:15 PM With the fall of the Cabinet at the last minute before the summer recess, the elections are suddenly a lot closer than anticipated. CIO Platform Netherlands has shared its four priorities for the Netherlands to become a forerunner in the use of people-centric digital technologies and innovations with the political parties. full story

CxO/Board Theme session: 'Role of CIO & Tech in times of uncertainty & change' | Amsterdam | October 12th

2023-010-12 | NB Board Themasessie: 'Role of CIO & Tech in times of uncertainty​ & change' |8/24/23, 12:31 PM There is a number of crises at the moment in the world and in the Netherlands, like climate and biodiversity crisis, shortage of staff, inflation, immigration, war...

That is why our CIO Committee (CC) Digital Strategy & Innovation organizes the CxO Theme session: 'Role of CIO & Tech in times of uncertainty & change'. Language of instruction: English. You're there too, aren't you? full story

Blog: Demonstrating Ransomware resistance SaaS applications raises question marks

2023-08-25 Blog Paul Samwel.jpg8/24/23, 12:07 PM Several members of the CIO Platform Netherlands face the challenge of making their SaaS applications demonstrably resilient against Ransomware attacks. A working group of CIO Platform Nederland has been looking into this issue in recent months. full story

Blog: The Crucial Role of Developers in the Digital Transformation

2023-07-07 - Blog Martin Hoff - The Crucial Role of Developers in the Digital Transformation7/7/23, 11:43 AM It’s almost holiday season and many of us are going on a journey to beautiful and inspiring places. Our heroes are also going on vacation and they deserve it. Our heroes? Yes, the developers who make the digital transformation possible. In my blog below you can read why. full story

Blog: How a data platform and federated data & analytics model can help you win the Tour de France pool.

2023-06-29 Blog Dave van den Hurk6/29/23, 10:37 AM I like data, I like sports, I like playing games and I generally hate losing. Consequently, this cocktail makes entering the annual Tour de France pool a serious business for me. full story

Blog: The candle is still burning

2023-06-21 | Blog | Andre Lensink6/20/23, 5:17 PM I must have been about 9 years old when I first saw that burning globe. A candle, in the shape of our earth, slowly burned out. This made a deep impression. Maybe then my green heart started beating. ... Now I also want to show that in my role as CIO. In this blog, therefore, some of my recommendations to get that done. How do you handle this? full story

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