Inspiring Board webinar Data Rules!

Inspiring Board webinar Data Rules!

21-03-02 Data Rules intro Sjoerd.pngThursday 18 March 2021 16:23

'Data Rules!' - our inspiration-webinar on value creation through data- specifically designed for the (non-) executive board members and CxOs of the member organizations of CIO Platform Nederland was a huge success! Expert speakers from Alliander, DPG Media, Pon, Royal Schiphol Group, PostNL, Picnic Technologies, Rijkswaterstaat and Radboudumc inspired the interactive audience on the importance, opportunities and impact of data.

After a successful webinar on Strategy Fitness last year and valuable peer review sessions, the CIO Committee (CC) Digital Strategy & Innovation now addressed their next priority on the roadmap: inspiring CxOs and board members on the crucial importance of data in their company's strategy.  With almost 80 participants (25% Board) the webinar was a huge success.

The CC, chaired by Teun van der Vorm (former CIO DPG Media) and with members Sjoerd Blüm (CIO Royal Schiphol Group), Marcel Krom (CIO PostNL, CIO of the Year 2020) and Ton van Dijk (CIO Pon), organized a state-of-the-art hybrid webinar with 8 speakers from Alliander, DPG Media, Pon, Royal Schiphol Group, PostNL, Picnic Technologies, Rijkswaterstaat and Radboudumc. A variety of topics from basics, personalization, data literacy, monetization to AI in healthcare were brought to the audience at a dazzling speed, moderated professionally by Sjoerd Blüm. In the Q&A Intermezzo's the audience asked their most compelling questions to the speakers. Ton van Dijk and Marcel Krom adequately added their vision to the topics.

On behalf of the CIO Committee Marcel brilliantly summarized the session: "It all starts with passion. Data primarily needs a belief case, and only then you will have a business case. Together with this passion, data can let your business shine... The eight cases show that data can help our business grow." All participants received valuable key-messages and take-aways from all speakers such as 'Invest in infrastructure', 'Implementation is just as important as innovation'·, 'Start at the top!', 'Recruit the right, not the best'.

CIO members of our organization will have full access to the take-aways, presentations and recordings. Please email Ankie for more info.

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