Focus 2021 & recap 2020

Focus 2021 & recap 2020

2021-01-26 Nieuwsbericht terugblik 2020 en focus 2021.pngTuesday 26 January 2021

CIO Platform Netherlands flourishes like never before. In 2020, a large number of meetings were organised, with an increasing participation rate. Take a look with us at 2020 and where the focus lies for 2021.

2020 in a nutshell
Covid has accelerated the activities of the CIO Platform Nederland. Within a short time, at the end of March 2020, the scheduled events were quickly changed into a digital format. From the beginning of April until the moment of writing this news item, all of our sessions have been online. The online format of events gave us the opportunity to switch swiftly. In 2020, many information requests from our members were answered via, among others, our WhatsApp groups.

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Other highlights of the last year: 

In 2020, we worked more intensively together with European CIO associations with regards to: the European Commission on subjects such as competition issues and Cloud issues - including SWIPO: CoC Switching Cloud Providers and Porting Data, we exhanged content, including i.a. model contract clauses and we organised the GAIA-X webinar together.

Member developments in 2020
In 2020, we started with 128 members. During the year, we welcomed these 9 new members:
2021-01-26 9x nieuwe leden in 2020.JPG
At the end of 2020, we had to say farewell to 7 members. With the start of this new year, the number of members now stands at 132, with these 2 members freshly added to the list of members:
2021-01-26 2x nieuwe leden in 2021.JPG
2020 in figures
The growth rates are set against 2019.

2021-01-26 Cijfers 2020 CIOPN.JPG

Nice to know, these are the top 3 LinkedIn messages with the most views (all in Dutch): 

Focus 2021
We are proud of the fact that the association is booming like never before. And, moreover, the use of digital technology has accelerated as a result of the covid measures; we are at the centre of attention. That leaves us wanting more!

Hence the necessity for the 2021 agenda to take us to the next level as an association, with an important focus on: 

  • Facilitating knowledge sharing
  • More value for members
  • More impact on the world around us

This year will be all about: CIO Platform Nederland in the digital heart of society

2021-01-26 Digitale hart.png


  • Digital technology has become vital to our organisations, the economy and society.
  • Focus moves from 'cold' application of technology to its 'warm' impact on people and cooperation between people and organisations.
  • Members of CIO Platform Nederland reflect a large number of sectors and activities that together form the heart of Dutch society.

Priorities 2021
To give form and shape to our focus for 2021, priorities have been drawn up for each theme in which we are active. These are listed in the image below, including the CIO Committees and CIO Experience Groups (click on the image to enlarge):
2021-01-26 overzicht focus 2021.JPG
The bureau and the board of CIO Platform Nederland are looking forward to a new year that will be full of activities and challenges for us all. The most important thing to keep in mind: we do this together!

CIO Platform Nederland

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