Run IT as a business.....

Run IT as a business.....

20170920 IT4IT themasessie verslagje.jpgTuesday 19 September 2017

On September 14th we where guest at Mirjam Verhoeven, CIO at de Volksbank, to talk about the question: How do you organize the business of IT in a more and more digital company?

Bas de Wit, CTO at de Volksbank, talked us through their program "ITC2020" in which they have explained the steps of '"verbusinessing" IT. With this program they are tilting de IT organization to smaller (DevOps) teams. Bas showed how the focus lies with their platform teams on standardize and automatize to be able to optimally navigate on value creation within the value teams of the 4 banking brands within de Volksbank. Where IT4IT 'only' touches the organisation and technique, de Volksbank has explicitly included people and processes in their program. This is because according to Bas, you can not end up with the right technical solutions without managing the people differently and asking for other skills. A great challenge lies in the area of provable controls which are truly asked by the Supervisor, versus investing more responsibility with the people. Within transitions with a great impact on an organization, a dialogue with all the employees as well as with the Employees Council is wise, if you want to shape the needed transition.

The second part of the program was guided by Ard de Bruijne, Strategy Planning and Architecture Manager of Shell Global Functions. By giving a short view in the Shell organization and the multitude of dimensions and magnitude, since 2010 the delivery model is matched step by step according to ERP4IT, which was later called IT4IT. Shell has profited by changing from a very differentiated, decentral and complex landscape in a private Cloud to a centrally IT driven IT. With it, market standards are imported and the move to the Public Cloud has started. In all migrations Shell makes the assessment of costs versus functionality. In only 5% of the cases in the progress processes Shell is being distinctive, for 95% of the processes Shell could choose for standard applications and solutions. 

During the complementary presentations the interaction was found and questions where asked about DevOps, Governance, HR evaluation systems, Mindset of the business, etc. A lot of subjects who could ask for more elaboration within our platform. The presentations of this themesession are shared within our platform. Would you like to know more about IT4IT, check out the website of OpenGroup. It might give you some pointers for further transformating your iT-organization. 

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