Smart contracts through blockchain technology

Smart contracts through blockchain technology

20171116 Smart contracts rapport blockchain.jpgThursday 16 November 2017

René Penning de Vries, Boegbeeld Team ICT, has received the report ‘Smart contracts as specific application of the blockchain technology’ this morning at the annual convention of ECP.

Some members of the CIO Platform Nederland are already innovating with blockchain. This morning, a report with a first scout of questions around laws and regulation and the need for education as a result of blockchain, and more specific smart contracts, was offered at the annual convention 2017 of ECP. The report ‘Smart contracts as specific application of the blockchain technology’ is written by an export group of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and explains what smart contracts are, which legal questions should be taken into account by organizations and which new sort of knowledge and education is needed.  

Some results are: 

  • The current laws and regulation are quite suited,
  • Connect “legal” and “coders” to each other,
  • Make the blockchaincode clear to users (read citizens).

An importent lesson was learned during this route: make sure there is a common vocabulary. You can read the complete press release here. This initiative is being worked out by the Dutch Digital Delta. 

If anybody inside the CIO Platform Nederland has questions on this topic, or wants to present a case during a company visit: please contact Janet Cadel.

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