CIO Platform Nederland has a new logo!

CIO Platform Nederland has a new logo!

20180619 nieuwe logo.jpgMonday 18 June 2018

During the Annual Day Marcel Krom proudly presented the new logo of the CIO Platform Nederland. This logo symbolizes 2 bucket chairs facing each other, in which two persons have a conversation and exchange knowledge and information. 

The D of Digital is reflected in the right half of the brand sign. In which CIO’s and anyone who is responsible for, and/or plays a role in, the digital transformation, recognizes itself. 

The brand sign without 'Platform Nederland' is well recognizable and distinctive. The preference was given for a reliable, professional and business set of colours. Therefore, two shades of blue have been used. As additional colour, which we will return in the entire house-style, is chosen for the colour orange. Orange emphasizes the warm, enjoyable side of our association where synergy leads to successes. 

CIO Platform Nederland

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