5 new members: even more connecting and strengthening at the CIO Platform Nederland!

5 new members: even more connecting and strengthening at the CIO Platform Nederland!

2019-09-30 5 Nieuwe leden.pngMonday 23 September 2019

The CIO Platform Nederland is an association for and because of their members. With the arrival of new members we are able to offer a wider pallet of practical examples, experiences and (international) developments within our community.

We welcome the CIOs and their teams from:

  1. Avans University of Applied Science
  2. Den Hartogh Logistics
  3. EBN B.V. 
  4. Glencore Agriculture B.V.
  5. SPIE Nederland B.V. 

From the recommendation towards our board, one of the motivations to become a member of our association: 
"From experience I know it would be good to have "my" IT organisation participating into the CIO Platform Nederland. This membership will help us to grow the IT organization towards a mature level - the collaboration with the business in all different shapes and stimulating the personal development of people."

Orienting outside the own line of industry is another aspect to become a member
“I would like to extend my network with CIOs form outside my own business; we are facing huge decisions and I have the need to learn and brainstorm with other CIOs working on similar challenges.

Cases from daily practice
Our members are frequently host of events and meetings to present their use cases and to inspire each other with a number of urgent subjects, is one of the success factors of the CIO Platform Nederland. Recently dashboards from NutrecoRabobank and RDW are discussed; we compared ICT Office process among each other with those of other members at Schiphol, learned about innovation labs at Pon and transformations at GVBTransavia and ABN Amro programmed. 

We look forward to meet a lot of our members during the last months of 2019 during our events and we have trust that the new members will feel themselves at home very quickly and also experience the value of their membership! Interested to become a member? Check this webpage and/or contact us for detailed information by sending an e-mail to bureau@cio-platform.nl.

CIO Platform Nederland

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