Meryem El Bouyahyaoui new board member for Diversity & Inclusion

Meryem El Bouyahyaoui new board member for Diversity & Inclusion

2023-09-05 |  NB | Nieuw bestuurslid 2023-05-09 | 306 | Meryem El BouyahyaouiMonday 15 May 2023

CIO Platform Nederland welcomes Meryem El Bouyahyaoui (CIO at CIBG) as new board member for the portfolio of Diversity & Inclusion. This vacancy arose due to a new career opportunity of Britt van den Berg (until recently CIO at SVB).

It was recently announced (in writing) to the Annual General Meeting that a vacancy had arisen on CIO Platform Nederland's board for the portfolio of Diversity & Inclusion. The board approached Meryem El Bouyahyaoui (CIO at CIBG) and she agreed to stand for this role. Other members were also given the opportunity to apply. No one took advantage of that opportunity. With this, Meryem joined the board of our association with effect from May 1st, 2023. We wish her every success and a pleasant time in this role!

The vacancy had arisen with the departure of Britt van den Berg, until recently CIO at SVB, who, due to leaving SVB and accepting a new role with a supplier, can no longer be a (board) member with our association. We thank Britt for her efforts in getting Diversity & Inclusion going and wish her well in her new role.

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