Urgent call on the EC to also designate the major cloud providers as gatekeepers under the DMA

Urgent call on the EC to also designate the major cloud providers as gatekeepers under the DMA

2023-01-17 NB Grijp de kansen in het nieuwe digitale landschap!Friday 08 September 2023

Urgent call on the European Commission to also designate the major cloud providers as gatekeepers under the DigitalMarketsAct (DMA) to ensure additional obligations.

The European Commission on September 6th designated six companies as so-called gatekeepers under the DMA. These providers of core platform services are given additional obligations to prevent them from imposing unfair conditions on users. Gatekeepers have been appointed in the markets for operating systems, social media, advertising, among others, but not in the market for cloud services.

Incomprehensible in the opinion of the CIO-associations Cigref, Beltug, VOICE - Bundesverband der IT-Anwender e.V. and CIO Platform Nederland, who raise the alarm about this today. Cloud services are crucial components in the digital strategies of virtually all organizations and the market is dominated by a very limited number of huge providers. The associations urge the commission to redress this situation as soon as possible and designate the major cloud providers as gatekeepers too.

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