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CIO-associations demand: Microsoft, improve on sustainability and security!

2021-10-08 Nieuwsbericht Persbericht oproep duurzaamheid aan Microsoft.pngFriday 08 October 2021 On October 8th, 2021, CIO Platform Nederland, Beltug, Cigref and Voice issued a joint press release. In it, we call on Microsoft to address the unnecessary environmental damage caused by its commercial policies and to take more responsibility for safe products, so that business users no longer have to pay the huge costs of its unsafe products. Microsoft is not alone in this, but as the market leader it has a particular responsibility. full story

Reaction CIO Platform Nederland to legislative proposal to enable sharing of cybersecurity information

2021-07-14 Reactie CIOPN consulatie delen 14 July 2021 The State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Change recently submitted the bill on promoting digital resilience in companies for consultation. full story

Concerns CIOs features in FD again

2021-07-05 FD-artikel zorgen CIOs cyber security.pngMonday 05 July 2021 Last weekend, based on the results from a survey of CIO Platform Nederland’s members, newspaper FD published an article. full story

Advisory report NL Cyber Security Council advises an integrated approach to cyber resilience with management at the highest level

CSR Adviesrapport.jpgWednesday 07 April 2021 Yesterday, the demissionary Minister of Justice and Security presented the Cyber Security Council's CSR Advisory Report "Integrated approach to cyber resilience" to the House of Representatives. It contains concrete (strategic) measures to be taken in the short term to get our cyber resilience to the necessary level as quickly as possible, including the corresponding investments of € 833 million. CIO Platform Nederland, represented in the council by Claudia de Andrade - de Wit, is pleased with the publication and emphasizes the importance of the central approach full story

Digital security: "The chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

2021-03-08 Claudia risicoklassenindelingtool.pngMonday 08 March 2021 "With more than 4,000 parties working closely together in the logistics chain, it is becoming increasingly important to be incredibly well aligned. Not only on a physical level, but also on a digital level. Investing in cyber security is therefore necessary in order to be a reliable partner in this logistics chain." Was said by Claudia de Andrade de Wit, Director Digital & IT at the Port of Rotterdam and chair CC Information Security at CIO Platform Nederland. full story

Call for cyber security measures

2021-01-28 Oproep cyber security maatregelen.pngThursday 28 January 2021 CIO Platform Nederland calls on the Minister of Justice and Security and the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to take measures in the field of cyber security. full story

Launch cybersecurity guide – cooperation pays off!

2020-12-03 Wegwijzer nieuwsbericht DTC.pngMonday 07 December 2020 The ‘Guide for cybersecurity initiatives’ where large organisations, SMEs and self-employed can turn to for help to elevate their digital resilience has been launched! After an intensive cooperation between the Digital Trust Centre and members of the CIO Platform Nederland. ‘We encourage that various initiatives in the field of cybersecurity are increasingly easier to find due to this new guide. Hopefully, it will elevate the security of Dutch corporations’, said Henk van Steeg, CIO Thales Nederland and member of the CIO Committee Information Security. full story

Letter to minister Grapperhaus: strengthen the cyber resilience of the Netherlands

2020-11-11 Brief Grapperhaus - cyber veiligeheid.pngTuesday 20 October 2020 The CIO Platform Nederland calls for attention regarding the cyber resilience of the Netherlands and Dutch companies, while the National Cyber Security Center didn’t share information timely. full story

Digital resilience affected by NCSC withholding information

2020-08-18 Artikel achterhouden hack informatieTuesday 18 August 2020 In response to the article in the Financieele Dagblad of last August 17th with the title "The government knew who was vulnerable, but still allowed companies to be hacked. The government throws away information about hacks from companies", CIO Platform Nederland is calling on the government today to never let this happen again. And to take up its role for the digital resilience of Dutch society. full story

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