Digital Strategy & Innovation

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Our members determine the themes on which we act. We work on the continuous digitization of our organizations. The digital strategy, as part of the overall strategy, is central to this theme.

Distinctive for the digital revolution in which we find ourselves, are the rapid developments. There is hardly any time to master a new technology before the next alternative emerges already. It takes a lot of time and budget to keep up to date, to possibly adjust the business strategy accordingly, to make the right technological choices, to successfully finalise the implementation, and to prevent setbacks. Learning from the experiences of other users can help to prevent such costly mistakes.

That is why we are committed to:

  1. Expand the use of available expertise and experience, by organising more frequent peer-reviews aimed at improving digital projects of colleagues who are also member of the CIO Platform Nederland.
  2. Sharing knowledge and insights about the application of new technologies in practice. For instance, creating value with data, AI and alike. These knowledge and inspiration sessions are accessible for experts, CxOs, and board members of our members. 
  3. Making, if required, experts from our community available for providing feedback on policy initiatives of the government, and by providing expertise for technical briefings and parliamentary enquiries, and other initiatives on the national level that our members consider to be of societal interest.  

We are living in a period in which the application of IT and data is experiencing an enormous acceleration. How to apply these in a good and structured way - in these hectic times -, what choices to make and which preconditions to set and how to actually create value, is a major challenge for the leaders of all organizations. It helps enormously if we can exchange experiences about this and learn from each other!

Digital Strategy news

Quantum Tech: 2030 is already the day after tomorrow! Opportunities and Risks at CEG Innovation & IT

2022-09-27  Quatum techMonday 12 September 2022 14:26 More than 30 members of our association gathered on June 23 2022, to hear the latest insights about Quantum Tech in collaboration with Ferdinand Griesdoorn (chairman of the Quantum Innovation Hub Rijksoverheid, member of our association as policy officer digital innovation & information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Jesse Robbers (Director Industry & Digital Infrastructure at Quantum Delta NL) and CIOs Rian van den Broek (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) and Tjeerd Veenstra (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) full story

Inspiring Board webinar Data Rules!

21-03-02 Data Rules intro Sjoerd.pngThursday 18 March 2021 16:23 'Data Rules!' - our inspiration-webinar on value creation through data- specifically designed for the (non-) executive board members and CxOs of the member organizations of CIO Platform Nederland was a huge success! Expert speakers from Alliander, DPG Media, Pon, Royal Schiphol Group, PostNL, Picnic Technologies, Rijkswaterstaat and Radboudumc inspired the interactive audience on the importance, opportunities and impact of data. full story

Kick-off new knowledge group CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management

CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management.jpgMonday 08 March 2021 16:00 On Monday January 25th, around 25 participants took part in the kick-off CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management. An event dedicated to sharing knowledge in this area and to learn from each other. full story

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Digital Strategy events

  1. CEG Architecture | Picnic | Role of Architecture in an Agile environment Amsterdam-Duivendrecht

    Exchange of knowledge and experiences by enterprise architects, solution architects and lead architects and anyone who wants to exchange experiences about architecture!

    04 Oct
  2. CEG Low-code/no-code Virtuele Bijeenkomst

    Exchange knowledge and experiences with Low-code/no-code platforms and their impact on the IT proces. 

    29 Nov
  3. CEG Innovation & IT | ANWB |How to accelerate as a traditional company with and through innovation 's-Gravenhage

    How to accelerate as a traditional company with and through innovation?

    You don't become a flourishing association with nearly five million members overnight. What explains the success of the ANWB, the cycling club founded in 1883 that grew into a beacon for motorists, cyclists, recreational cyclists and holidaymakers? You will discover at this meeting and become part of the journey and impact that digital transformation is having within ANWB.

    06 Dec

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