Our members decide on which themes we are active. We are working on the continuous digitalization of our business.

We focus on:

  • Identifying the impact of major (social and economic) trends and technological developments on our members and society.
  • Investigating how we can optimally use digitalization and data to improve the competitiveness and operation of our members.
  • Having attention for strengthening the role of the CIO/CDO, more focused on digitalization instead of technology.
  • Putting digital innovation on the map at board level, internal supervisors, direct colleagues and employees.
  • Encouraging new working methods, organizational forms and developing new competences among employees of our members.

The technological developments provide more transparency, information and new possibilities in big data analytics. Within the CIO Platform Nederland we connect the knowledge of these new technologies and together we create new business and revenue models.

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Upcoming event

  1. Meeting CC Digitalization

    22 January 2019 in Utrecht

    Digitalization is one of our four main topics. Each theme has a permanent team of CIO’s from our members who has a seat in a CIO Committee (CC) and come together 3-4 times a year to discuss the topics of interest to the whole association.