New technological developments (social, mobile, cloud, analytics, internet of things, etc.) and digital "savvy" customers have a significant impact on all aspects of our business. We are moving towards a fully connected society that is technologically driven, international and exchanging vast amounts of data. Disruptive innovators and start-ups enter the market and challenge existing business models. Our laws and regulations, economic and social institutions are under pressure.


Our ambition is to focus on the major (social and economic) trends and technological developments affecting member organisations of CIO Platform Nederland and our society. We want to do this by sharing our experiences and knowledge and inspire CIOs about the main trends and technological developments. On behalf of the members of the CIO Platform Nederland we want to contribute actively to opinion-forming and (political) decision-making in the Netherlands and abroad.

Technological developments provide more transparency, availability of information and new opportunities in big data analytics . Within CIO Platform Nederland we connect the knowledge of these new technologies and together we create new business and revenue models.

Sjourd WijdeveldChairman CIO committee Digitalization


To understand the impact of technological developments in our business well and be able to practice these technologies, we work together with science education, start-up and scale-ups. 

Latest news


  1. On Tuesday 25 September 2018 in Breda

    Meeting CEG Innovation & IT
    • Digitalization
  2. On Tuesday 30 October 2018 in Hoofddorp

    Meeting CC Digitalization
    • Digitalization
  3. On Tuesday 6 November 2018 in Amersfoort

    Theme session 'Data Science Carousel'
    • Digitalization