Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Our members determine the themes on which we act. We work on the continuous digitization of our organizations. The digital strategy, as part of the overall strategy, is central to this theme.

We focus on:

  • How to fit IT strategy and digital strategy with the corporate strategy? In this we make a link between theory and practice of strategy development.
  • How do you get value from your data. We share knowledge about where you start creating value from your data.
  • We also discuss improving your data quality and the governance of data.
  • How to involve the Board and internal supervisors in IT and innovation. An important step in this is to bring these groups together, with the CIO’s of their organizations on topics such as digitization and innovation, to inspire them and learn from each other.

We are living in a period in which the application of IT and data is experiencing an enormous acceleration. How to apply these in a good and structured way - in these hectic times -, what choices to make and which preconditions to set and how to actually create value, is a major challenge for the leaders of all organizations. It helps enormously if we can exchange experiences about this and learn from each other!

Latest news

Invitation Strategy Fitness - CxO Peer Review Sessions (autumn/winter 2020)

Themas - streamer - Digital Strategy.pngTuesday 07 July 2020 14:41 Last June a group of member CxO’s gathered virtually to discuss 'Strategy Fitness: get your IT strategy in shape'. The follow-up of this event are the CxO Peer Review sessions. You are invited! full story

Recap CxO webinar 'Strategy fitness: get your IT strategy in shape'

2020-06-30 ts digital strategy.jpgMonday 06 July 2020 09:35 On June 24th some 25 CxO’s gathered virtually to discuss Strategy Fitness. Theory meets practice in integrating Corporate, IT and Digital strategies, with a theory workshop, best practice and small break-out groups. full story

Experiences with valuable low code platforms at EBN & VOPAK

2020-04-23 nieuwsbericht lowcode3.pngFriday 01 May 2020 10:17 After a successful kick-off session at ANWB in January, a second (virtual) session was held on 23 April for CEG Low-code/no-code. Participants liked to shared cases and experiences related to this topic. full story

Upcoming event

  1. Meeting CEG Innovation & IT

    Professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). The CEG Innovation & IT shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to establish innovations? Who is in the lead? Who is responsible? How to organize the execution? Participants are Architects (enterprise, lead, domain), Innovation managers and Information managers.

    14 Sep