Our members decide on which themes we are active. We are working on the continuous digitalization of our business.

We focus on:

  • Identifying the impact of major (social and economic) trends and technological developments on our members and society.
  • Investigating how we can optimally use digitalization and data to improve the competitiveness and operation of our members.
  • Having attention for strengthening the role of the CIO/CDO, more focused on digitalization instead of technology.
  • Putting digital innovation on the map at board level, internal supervisors, direct colleagues and employees.
  • Encouraging new working methods, organizational forms and developing new competences among employees of our members.

The technological developments provide more transparency, information and new possibilities in big data analytics. Within the CIO Platform Nederland we connect the knowledge of these new technologies and together we create new business and revenue models.

Latest news

IT Value Dashboards: "Who is your target group, what do you want to talk to them about and what is important to improve?"

2019-08-12 IT Value dashboards kompasThursday 11 July 2019 12:58 On June 28, some 15 CIOs shared knowledge and experience about IT Value Dashboards as guests of Henry van de Ven, CIO Nutreco, in Amersfoort.The reason was a discussion in our app group for CxOs. Many CIOs are interested in reporting value to their stakeholders and are still looking at how this can best be shaped. They would like to include the experiences of others in their considerations. Below some general tips for creating dashboards. full story

Freedom, fun and learning

2019-04-12 Data science meet and greet.header.jpgFriday 12 April 2019 12:10 Working as a data scientist in a large organization, how will that be? IT students received an answer to this question on April 10th. During this third edition of the Data Science Meet & Greet, at a.s.r. insurances, the CIO Platform Nederland again showed its connecting strength. full story

Get insights into the day-to-day work live as a data scientist

2019-03-19 9 reasons for meet and greet.pngTuesday 19 March 2019 15:34 Attention all bachelor and master data science and IT students! Would you like to know how it is like to work as a data scientist at a big company or large organization? To get an answer, join our (free) Data Science Meet & Greet on Wednesday afternoon April 10th. full story

Upcoming event

  1. Meeting CEG Agile/Scrum Amsterdam

    IT professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). This CEG shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: What does the change to agile working mean? How do we get the business to come along? How does agile work in the chain? How do you cope with the new role of the management layer? How do we measure the added value of the teams?

    26 Sep
  2. Meeting CEG Innovation & IT (Fully booked) Nieuwegein

    IT professionals attend meetings of Knowledge group (CEG). The CEG Innovation & IT shares knowledge and experiences on topics like: how to establish innovations? Who is in the lead? Who is responsible? How to organize the execution? Participants are Architects (enterprise, lead, domain), Innovation managers and Information managers.

    03 Oct
  3. Event 'How to Survive in the Age of Digital Disruption?' Amsterdam

    In the transition from a traditional way of working to the new Agile - DevOps working method, we recognize that the job of a CIO has never been harder! You face a continuous major challenge!

    DASA DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum, Agile Consorium and CIO Platform Nederland are organizing this event where you will join peers to discuss ways to navigate this age of "Digital Disruption".

    (English event)

    09 Oct