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Blog: What knowledge and tools should the Supervisory Board have in order to be able to assess the risks of applying artificial intelligence?

2023-12-05 | Blog | Frank FerroMonday 04 December 2023 Are you as part of a (supervisory) board looking for more guidance and control on AI? Or are you interested in this? Find insights and leads in this blog by Frank Ferro (Director Insights, PostNL). full story

Twin Transition Playbook for CIO’s

2023-02-13 NB Workshop 'Twin Transition' schipholMonday 20 February 2023 A large group of participants, equally divided between CIOs and other stakeholders and interested parties in the field of digital and energy transition, gathered at Schiphol Group on 13 February. full story

Valuable BOT (Legs on the table) session for CEG Infra & ITSM

2023-01-24 NB CEG Infras & ITSMTuesday 24 January 2023 Today we hosted a super valuable BOT (Legs on the table – in Dutch) session for our expert group Infrastructure & ITSM. full story

Quantum Tech: 2030 is already the day after tomorrow! Opportunities and Risks at CEG Innovation & IT

2022-09-27  Quatum techMonday 12 September 2022 More than 30 members of our association gathered on June 23 2022, to hear the latest insights about Quantum Tech in collaboration with Ferdinand Griesdoorn (chairman of the Quantum Innovation Hub Rijksoverheid, member of our association as policy officer digital innovation & information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Jesse Robbers (Director Industry & Digital Infrastructure at Quantum Delta NL) and CIOs Rian van den Broek (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) and Tjeerd Veenstra (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) full story

Inspiring Board webinar Data Rules!

2021-03-02 Data Rules intro Sjoerd.pngThursday 18 March 2021 'Data Rules!' - our inspiration-webinar on value creation through data- specifically designed for the (non-) executive board members and CxOs of the member organizations of CIO Platform Nederland was a huge success! Expert speakers from Alliander, DPG Media, Pon, Royal Schiphol Group, PostNL, Picnic Technologies, Rijkswaterstaat and Radboudumc inspired the interactive audience on the importance, opportunities and impact of data. full story

Kick-off new knowledge group CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management

2022-11-02 CEG Infrastructure & IT Service ManagementMonday 08 March 2021 On Monday January 25th, around 25 participants took part in the kick-off CEG Infrastructure & IT Service Management. An event dedicated to sharing knowledge in this area and to learn from each other. full story

CIO Special: I-Strategy Rijk 2021-2025

2021-02-11 Nieuwsbericht CIO Special Lourens Visser.pngThursday 11 February 2021 On Wednesday January 20th, over CxOs were present at the CIO Special: I-Strategy Rijk 2021-2025. At the initiative of our fellow member, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, we had an insightful and, despite the virtual environment, very sociable look behind the curtain of the Directory CIO-Rijk. full story

100+ European CIOs in GAIA-X webinar

2020-10-15 GAIA-X Nieuwsbericht.pngTuesday 13 October 2020 More than a hundred participants from six European countries connected on September 25th, 2020 to attend the ‘GAIA-X webinar, the user perspective’. Organized by the European CIO associations Cigref, VOICE, Beltug and CIO Platform Nederland to exchange insights on the purpose of GAIA-X and its benefits for users, presented by, among others, CIOs from GAIA-X founding members Beckhoff Automation and EDF. full story

Freedom, fun and learning

2019-04-12 Data science meet and greet.header.jpgFriday 12 April 2019 Working as a data scientist in a large organization, how will that be? IT students received an answer to this question on April 10th. During this third edition of the Data Science Meet & Greet, at a.s.r. insurances, the CIO Platform Nederland again showed its connecting strength. full story

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